Beef Profit Partnerships Magazine

A key dissemination strategy of the Beef CRC was to stimulate a network of Beef Profit Partnership (BPP) groups across Australia, made up of locally-based producers interested in improving the profitability of their beef businesses.

The BPP resources kit contains information about each step of the Continuous Improvement and Innovation cycle as well as helpful tips and tools.

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Our mission

To capture the benefits of the human and bovine genome projects and the "Livestock Revolution" by improving the profitability, productivity, animal welfare and responsible resource use of Australian and global beef businesses through world class gene discovery and gene expression research and accelerated adoption of beef industry technologies.

Core participants

Victoria Primary IndustriesSARDIUniversity of AdelaideQueensland GovernmentUniversity of QueenslandUniversity of New EnglandMeat and Livestock AustraliaMeat and Wool New ZealandNew South Wales Investment and Industry

Beef CRC