The Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic Technologies is incorporated as Beef CRC Limited, a tax-paying company limited by guarantee. The CRC Board governs the Company in line with its obligations under the CRC Commonwealth Agreement, CRC Participants’ Agreement and the Company Constitution. The Management Committee manages the Company in accordance with the direction and delegations of the Board and the responsibility of the Board to oversee the activities of management in carrying out these delegated duties.

DirectorCRC Position / RoleOrganisation
Dr Guy Fitzhardinge Independent Chairman; member of F&A and Remuneration Committees Thring Pastoral Company
Dr Keith Steele Independent Deputy Chairman; chairman of Remuneration Committee; member of F&A and C&A Committees Steele Business Solutions Pty Ltd
Mr Rob Backus Independent Non-Executive Director Private Feedlot Consultant
Ms Robyn Clubb Independent Non-Executive Director; Chairman of F&A Committee; member of Remuneration Committee  
Dr Jay Hetzel Independent Non-Executive Director; member of C&A and Communications Committees Byron Cattle Pty Ltd
Ms Emma Robinson Independent Non-Executive Director; Chairman of C&A Committee; member of Communications Committee Caerphilly Pastoral Company
Dr Greg Robbins Non-Executive Director; member of C&A Committee DEEDI
Mr Richard Rains Independent Non-Executive Director; Chairman of Communications Committee; member of C&A Committee Sanger Australia Pty Ltd
Dr Heather Burrow Chief Executive Officer; ex-officio member of F&C, C&A and Communications Committees Beef CRC Ltd

Executive Staff (2010-2011)

NameOrganisationCRC Position / Role
Dr Heather Burrow Beef CRC Ltd CEO and Program 6 Manager
Dr Drewe Ferguson CSIRO Livestock Industries Deputy CEO and Program 3 Leader
Professor Mike Goddard DPI Victoria Chief Scientist and Program 7 Manager
Mr Neil Scholes-Robertson Beef CRC Ltd Business Manager, CFO and Company Secretary
Professor Dave Pethick Murdoch University Program 1 Leader
A/Professor Wayne Pitchford University of Adelaide Program 2 Leader
Mr Jim Walkley Beef CRC Ltd Program 4 Leader
Ms Sarah Meibusch Beef CRC Ltd Commercialisation Manager and Program 5 Leader
Three cows Bull Farmers Beef

Our mission

To capture the benefits of the human and bovine genome projects and the "Livestock Revolution" by improving the profitability, productivity, animal welfare and responsible resource use of Australian and global beef businesses through world class gene discovery and gene expression research and accelerated adoption of beef industry technologies.

Core participants

Victoria Primary IndustriesSARDIUniversity of AdelaideQueensland GovernmentUniversity of QueenslandUniversity of New EnglandMeat and Livestock AustraliaMeat and Wool New ZealandNew South Wales Investment and Industry

Beef CRC